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Jane's Poetry

By Chance or Fate or Providence

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In Vain




By chance or fate or providence,

   The truth of life made clear.


We design our circumstance,

   We create the fear.


Whispered through eternity,

   We do not take our turn.


Paralyzed by uncertainty,

   Why do we never learn?


No trust have we in the wave of change,

   That things, tho uncertain, are renewed.


The breath of life it could bestow,

   Untaken, like hostel Gayle viewed.


This lifeless shell, that’s left,

   Tosses, helpless, in the waves.


Our soul alone in the depths,           

And for rescue does it pray.


Virtuous truth of all the ages,

   Written in the children’s faces.


We live inside monotony

   With unkept promises, broken graces


Robs us of our life, our soul,

  We hide behind regret.


Oh that we could be like thee

   And all the rules forget.


To grab and take because we want

To never fear a thing


Let our souls like children run,                       

Live to laugh and play and sing                 


Copyright 2004