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Bitter cup  (Who do you love?)


Now shall I make a toast?

   To the one I love the most


When your angels close their eyes and sleep

   Who is it that you run to meet?


Who is it that has your heart?

   The one that could tear your world apart


Who is the one whose face you see?

   And dream about instead of me?


Is her smile like the sun?

   It warms, and is kind to everyone


Is her laughter contagious?

   The thought of leaving her so outrageous


This one you love, how do I compare,

   Am I not also fair?


Which part of her do I not as well command?

   What is it, makes you take her hand?


Why her that causes your heart to ache?

   While I watch mine bend and break


Why is it her and not me?

   That you longing, run to see


I will give you that side of me

   Every part to know and be


I will hold nothing back

   What is it that you think I lack?


What is it? I don’t understand?

   That gives her your heart to command


I ask myself and search and see

   Why her instead of me?


What is it that lies within?

   That makes your heart hers to win


A missing piece of the recipe

   Some botched bit of alchemy


That you found after our greeting

   That told you we were fleeting


I have no right to, you or her, blame

   To many I have done the same


Judgment made, dismissed quickly

   Destroying all that could be


This bitter cup is now mine I think

   Many from it I have caused to drink


Round our banquet table it goes

   Causing pain and grief and woe