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Ravenous Soul
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Soothing, velvet lined betrayal


     Drinks it for his ale


Unobserved he makes the wound

   Creating confusion,

     Gives him breathing room


Set to work through my dismay

   Brings death to life,

     Speeds my decay


What is it that you want from me?

   Others manipulated more easily,

     Why not just let me be?


What is it that you from me gain?

   While receiving only your

      Anger, guilt, distain


All the good you take from me

   Steal the truth so I can’t see


Beat me down so I won’t leave

   Ignore me so to you I cleave


Lay me on your bed of tears

   Fill me up with all your fears


Take till there is nothing left

   Leave me here with all the rest


Discard me when you’re through with me

   Take all my life to set you free


Left me here to die

  But you never questioned why


When you’re gone you feel the pain

   So you find another life to drain


Barely breathing and not quite whole

   Grievously injured, escaping soul


Trying to gain back control

   And all the life from me you stole


Somehow still alive

   Drank your poison but still survived


Stronger now but still not sure

       Lessons lived, life endured


Back to knock upon my door

   You like the life that from me pours


Begging me to let you in

   Know all the tricks, my heart to win


Just as sweet as you can be

   But here to suck the life from me


Hope that lets my eyes now see

   Try to cover with your reality


If I ‘m not blind, then you can’t win

   And your kind, never let in


So take my eyes so I can’t see

   Smother all the hope in me


Make it so there’s no escape

   Then easier my life to rape


All so you can gain control

   Drain my life to make you whole

     All consuming ravenous soul