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If Ever
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If ever two souls belonged as one

   Who's whispered secrets before the sun,

Moved to passion by close of day,

   Whose quite surrender began as play



Whose desires moved my hand to touch, to please,

   Whose arms, who's voice brought my mind to ease,



If ever two souls begged to care,

   Whose moments apart defined despair,

Whose thoughts when turned to one another,

   Entombed their souls from any other



Who's eye's blazed with loves passioned stare,

   Whose lips, whose words drove my heart to dare,



If ever two souls longed to embrace,

   Whose love reflected in the other's face,

Who each break of morn did say,

   Wicked sun be gone, here let us stay



Whose legs, limbs with mine were entwined,

   Whose sleeping face, angelic, made jealous the divine



If ever two souls knew at first glance,

   Who from the beginning were enslaved, entranced,

who knew sorrow would be theirs, tears falling like rain

   if ever the other was given to pain

Copyright 2004