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Jane's Poetry

Something Special

The Moment
Changing Love
Beauty Rests There
just me
Kinder words
Take my Hand and Walk with Me
Again Into The Fire
Something Special
Something More
Chasing the Sun
Theory of Human Behavior Revised
Mercy unto Me
Scribbles on a Napkin
Riley's First Poem
I Miss You So Much
At Your Feet
First Kiss
Let Go
By Chance
Come Night
About Me
Baby Jesus
Mommy Look What I Can Do
Favorite Links
Contact Me
If Ever
In Vain

Be Something Special and not the same.

    Make me want to know your Name.


Make me Smile with your Charm.

   Make me want to Rest there in your Arms.


Be Someone Special and not mundane,

   Cookie cutter all the same.


Make me want to Touch your Cheek,

   To want to Save you when you’re Weak.


Be Caring, Gentle, Smart, and Funny,

   I remain unaroused by your money.


I do not care how many others want you,

   Just that I do and that that’s enough for you.


The Simple Things are what I Desire,

   Not for some lofty notation to aspire.


Simple yet so Hard to Find.

   Tell me what is on your Mind.


All your Dreams and Hopes and Fears,

   All you want out of these Few years.


The Way to my Heart is very Clear.

   Listen if you want to Hear.


To Seduce me, You will not be able.

   I’m unimpressed with extravagance or pretentious labels.


Or that you’re Influence opens Doors.

   Be my Best Friend to make me yours!