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Again Into The Fire

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Again Into The Fire
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Disillusioned by deception

   Caught up in the masterful misperceptions


All it is and all it should be

   Ideally exist only inside of me


Frozen there, it’s too hard to see

   The starkly contrasted reality


I have no choice but to come to the conclusion

   That all this is not merely a dreamt up illusion


Teetering on the precipice,

          All time is standing still

   Pawns and kings all players,

          According to your will


Watching as you orchestrate,

          Your efforts do not escape me

   Although beaten and bruised,

          Do they often make me?  


Forged by the fire,

          All under your control

   To strengthen or destroy me

          It seems at times your goal


Giving becomes its own reward,

          Something you require

  But my faults persist, lentigo,

          Once again into the fire


Restless, spending everyday

          And every waking hour

   Searching, trying not to lose my way

          While my plans you devour


I don’t know if I can ever be

          What it is you so desire

   Scarred with failures, lessons unlearned,

          Still wading through the mire


Waiting for some epiphany

   Of what this life is supposed to be


Unmasked, void of my defenses

          Unwashed of all my stains

   Uncertain of the answers  

           Yet your love for me remains