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Come night and bring with you the beating of my heart.

   The days toil has torn we once again apart.


Oh moon make haste, high into the sky.

   Whisk him home, my breath of life, for without him I will die.


Oh rain come give us shelter where we can stay

   Embraced in warm showers, stolen moments, vanquished day.


Keep us there a minuet longer, give us rest from retribution.

   Wash us clean, start anew, with your tears of absolution.


Oh darkness take lights joyous scheme, envelop all I see.

   Days color holds no joy, if he be not here with me.


Come stars light up the sky, penetrate the grey for thee.

   Sirius guard him, guide him, bring him safely home to me.


Sun, I Plead, find another place to shine.

   Though inspires some, this wish be not mine.


Oh quickly come night and forever shut out the day.

  Insatiable sun, he is mine, please don’t take him again away.

Copyright 2004