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Theory of Human Behavior Revised

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Theory of Human Behavior Revised
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Theory of Human Behavior


     External stimulus enters and is processed/responded to by an individual through a series of eight consecutive Areas of Resistance (AOR) making up the psyche (mind & soul) of every human being. The response of that individual is then sent back out into the environment from the ring (AOR) where the stimulus was stopped. The stimulus stops in a particular ring because of the strength of the stimulus and the resistance provided by the ring (AOR) itself. The wider the ring the more resistance the stimulus has to go through to get to the next ring. Every person has all eight of the rings, but it is the width of the rings and the Residual Stimuli Affects (RSA) (defined later) that control/predict an individual’s responses to their environment and to others. The eight AOR’s are defined as;


        The 1st Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Stress, Physical needs, Personality, & Current emotional state.    i.e. flat tire, splashed by passing truck while changing tire, late for work again, sarcastic remarks by coworker ---widened AOR #1 and possible volatile automatic response (response again different for individuals related to personality factors, support systems & so on vs. compassionate response by coworker, deceleration of increasing & widening AOR #1 with continued thinning & stabilizing of AOR.#1. i.e. knee jerk reaction (I think I dated him)

        The 2nd Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Self talk & Perceptions.   Filtering AOR, reinforcing AOR, of concrete self beliefs leading to assumptions, perceptions, & subsequent action that is based on the reality of the individual’s beliefs and not necessarily reality itself. (Yikes! But isn’t it us all. What a shame! All the missed opportunities L & wasted time! L L two frowns on that one, probably should be many more.)

        The 3rd Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Current relationship, & Role  the individuals responses vary based on the current relationships of the individuals involved & the roles of those same individuals, i.e. while in a customer role trying to perhaps gain a free meal by complaining, one might perhaps become more volatile, emotional, and demanding while at the same time the manager of said restaurant may wish to behave in a similar fashion but is limited by his/her role and future job security to behave in a very different manner than s/he is compelled to emotionally.

        The 4th Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Previous life experiences & Learned behavior.  Automatic or usual responses. Difficult to defeat because of concreted self beliefs that powerfully, automatically sustain said responses. Requires very deliberate, continuous, diligence to counter this behavior.  i.e. example…I’ll get to one later. This is a hard one to defeat...this is where “take it one day at a time” comes from cuz you are going to mess up frequently…concrete self beliefs are so engrained they are rarely defeated for any substantial amount of time, they always rear their ugly head. So you better find someone compassionate that understands that side of you… have so little hope of changing it. Yin & Yang. Find your soul mate. You’re going to need it if you are that fucked up (& aren’t we all), but the good news is that they can really help ya be wholeJ if you find the right one, so don’t despair… big smile nowJ, there is always HOPE.

        The 5th Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Motivators (self gain, knowledge, fear, spirituality, greed, power, control, pleasure, need to be liked, dependency, and the list goes on) This can have to do with their perception of their own status, & all the other motivators, but the bottom line is the intentions are many times self serving., the majority of the time whatever the motivation, so try & examine the motivation behind the action, there’s as well as your own, being helpful or kind to you is not always because they have your best interest at heart.  Someone may agree with everything you say “yes man” & you may feel validated by that & base your action on that advise but if you want to know how wrong that can be just look at Michael Jackson’s nose. Surrounding yourself with “yes men” who will do nothing but dilute & confuse your path. They are there to (ultimately) serve themselves and use you in the process. You are there alone, that’s how we are born & that’s how we die, you are the only one steering with no help at the helm…choose your friends wisely….choose instead those who tell you what they think…they may be more abrasive….”Fricking Ajax” …but their intent is to protect you from what they see as you making a mistake & you are blessed by their presence…you don’t have to take their advice… for they are wrong as frequently as you are, but their intent is pure…they don’t want you to come to any harm…so pick them as friends & be that kind of a friend.

        The 6th Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Support & Coping systems, Access to available services reducing build up of stressors & relief from  problematic stimulus

        The 7th Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Personal or Universal Realization     Personal or Universal Realization = Self Reflection leading to Realization of Self Truths and/or Universal Truths.  Requires certain levels of lucid thought, open mindedness, questioning of previously held ideas, questioning of automatic behaviors with an attainment goal  of self transformation, self healing, or of answering more ethereal questions of why? I.e. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Is the earth flat? Why did that apple fall on my head? (What’s on T.V.? hehe just amusing myself here) Does not include elementary cause and effect questions i.e. What happens if I stick a fork in the plug in? (that would be an episode of jackass) Questioning at this level has the aim of profound discovery even if that discovery is on a personal and not universal level and is aimed at the enlightenment, recovery, and growth of the individual and his/her surrounding world. That enlightenment is new to that individual even if the discovery they make is not new to the world but it aids them in self transformation, healing, and discovery. (soul searching)


        The 8th Area Of Resistance (AOR):  Relationship to a higher power

      This is when God is truly reflected from inside us to the world around us.                             Behavior and motives are more selfless and counter motives in AOR #5


     The 6th 7th & 8th AOR’s when widened thin other layers (finite amount of space to be consumed??? I have to think through that one?). When developed they overshadow the outline of where the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th  layers would normally be  and they carry with them a resonance that permeates through the other AOR’s which leads to healing of RSA’s (scars) & free floating feelings within those areas. When the 6th, 7th, & 8th AOR’s are under developed the other layers widen and the majority of that individuals reactions to their environment remain in these lower functioning more automatic unquestioning AOR’s, lending them less healing, nonmaladaptive coping skills & support than the previously mentioned group.


     All human being have all eight Areas of Resistance (AOR) but at different stages of development and current expression. These Areas of Resistance (AOR) fluctuate at any given time waxing and waning depending on where that individual is emotionally at that time and the given physical and emotional circumstances of the day, hour, minute. The wider the ring the more resistance it provides to any stimulus entering it. The thinner the less resistance it provides. Preventing or allowing access to subsequent AOR’s. Although certain stimulus that the individual has been programmed to have a strong emotional response to will automatically widen and reinforce the ring and create heavy resistance to incoming injurious stimuli. With the reverse being true of stimulus that the individual is conditioned to find pleasing….resistance then is automatically drastically reduced allowing access to more interior AOR’s. Correlation of pleasant stimulus with prior pleasant stimulus allows a more automatic access to areas of emotional intimacy that were granted previously under similar circumstances.


     These Areas of Resistance (AOR) are not left unaffected by the entering stimulus and they in fact leave traces of themselves within that individual in varying amounts depending on the strength of the stimulus and its reinforcement along with the vulnerability of that individual at that particular stage of their life, changing forever the lives that they touch (Scars). Some times of our growth and development are more affected by these Residual Stimuli Affects (RSA) especially during childhood and adolescence during the egocentric stages and stages of magical thinking. But these Residual Stimuli Affects (RSA) can create this change at anytime during our lives and become accentuated by reinforcement and vulnerability. Stimulus that counters priorly held reinforced and now concreted self beliefs are provided the strongest resistance through all the AOR’s infected by these beliefs whether the beliefs are good or bad, right or wrong. Once beliefs are concreted they become an almost automatic unquestioningly held self belief that automatically deflect counter stimulus. I.e. if you feel that you are unworthy to be loved & that it is just a matter of time before the person you are with discovers this & leaves then no mater what you hear from them or what their actions are you hold on to this belief and act on it….sometimes creating just that effect pushing them away causing them to leave to stop the waiting for the tragedy & actually causing it to occur, when if that belief where not so ingrained & (free floating feelings or feelings disassociated from their associated event just living inside wreaking havoc effecting behavior, reactions, perceptions & actions on an unconscious level that plays out very consciously) hidden emotions that play themselves out in our daily actions unnoticed or unquestioned by  these events would not occur.


     Scars….RSA’s Make a permanent mark throughout all the AOR’s affected again depending on strength reinforcement, life stage & vulnerability of the individual. This injury leaves parts of itself in each AOR affected infecting it like a festering splinter. At times it is not longer bothersome but if it is stimulated by a similar stimulus (Just like running your finger over the splinter) it reinitiates the injurious response with behavior and responses toward whatever stimulus is initiating the painful stimulus with  the full load of feelings associated with all the injurious events previous incurred and reinforced from that event, again personality of person, support systems, stage of healing, reliance on discernment & lucid thought processes affect this response toward current stimulus and the resulting response of that individual.



    The unconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind through dreams (What are dreams? =a working out of the days events, processing them, reliving them finding meaning & sense or bring to the conscious mind unaddressed or unresolved areas that have been repressed or put off by that individual but need resolution) and “hunches”…”I’ve just got a feeling” the unconscious analyzes and processes events, language & body language, similar incidents, and experiences and contrasts them against the current situations and past experiences. It processes these problems very rapidly, much more rapidly than the conscious mind can and communicates these result by these “feeling” or “hunches” to the conscious mind to aid in decision making (there is not another path of communication between the two that is direct & clear it is coded,  blurred, and obscure but is a very real communication between the two)….i.e. police can tell when a person is lying and through research they found that people behave in certain ways when they are lying ( avoidance of eye contact and so on) & this behavior is fairly consistent throughout all individuals  and experienced policemen notice these behaviors on an unconscious level processes it & can tell if this person is being honest or not although they can not break it down for you & tell you why or how they know they just know, similarly a nurse may get a “feeling” that a patient is in trouble  even though all outward indicators say that this person is ok, but many times the “hutch” or “feeling” is correct, so frequently in fact that in the save 100,000 lives program they have now implemented rapid response teams to address and respond quickly to nurses concern regarding their patients even though these patients are monitored by a full medical staff. Gut feeling hunches these are all related to this rapid efficient & all inclusive learning process of the unconscious mind and you see its improvement with people with experience in the area…i.e. cops & lying, nurses & rapid decline lending more validity to the idea that it is a leaning process on a unconscious level.


     Rapid discernment is needed for safety as well; “should I trust this individual offering to give me a ride after my car broke down?” it’s a safety mechanism for discernment when relying on the kindness of strangers or when entering an unfamiliar situation, persons, or areas, but is different from concreted self beliefs (nobody likes me) & the filtering of contrary stimulus in AOR #4 (sure they said they like me, but they are just saying that. they don’t really)


     Free floating feeling within the rings…    your feelings always come out in some form or another so you need to find a way to deal with them & dealing with the cause of them or they will sneak in ever so quietly and rule & guide your actions motives and reactions without you knowing why you are behaving the way you are. Many times these ignored repressed feelings burst out or fester inside causing damage to the individual & those in their world, addressing, recognizing, giving them a voice, acknowledgement, trying to heal them and the sustaining injuries they cause from the point of their occurrence to our dying day.