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Jane's Poetry

Beauty Rests There

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Beauty Rests There
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Beauty rests there in his face

   Which gods have duly adorned


Its picture on my mind there traced

   No fairer lad was ever born


Wander close its smell so sweet

   Beguiling all my senses


Wild rose, unfettered treat

   Unpicked, cast off your thorny defenses


Unlike any other

   Resplendent blossom on the mead


So precious and so rare

   Pure delight he is indeed


To close my eyes and think of him

   Brings a smile when I’m in need


Like fragile bud unopened

   His worth lie hidden inside


Fair but not a token

   Deeper beauty in him does lie


Virtues sweet, ideals complete

   Vested shield of honor worn


Cruel in his retreat

   But what is a rose without its thorn?


Beauty fades withering past

   Time he steals it all away


But in my heart forever sealed,

Fairest lad, I will always see you that way